Welcome to nanoSherpa

Welcome to nanoSherpa

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Sherpas are the unsung heroes of the Himalayas. They provide invaluable help and guidance to mountain climbers, making it possible for them to reach the peak in front of them.

So, what is a nanoSherpa? A nanoSherpa is a small slice of invaluable help or guidance. A nanoSherpa is a little something that we’ve learned that can help others. We believe that sharing what we’ve learned in life has value for others, and who knows, maybe something that we share will help you reach the peak in front of you.

Still confused? Well imagine that you are just learning how to play guitar. You are making good progress and having great fun when suddenly a string breaks, and you don’t really know the best way to fix it. You need help. Not a lot of help, but help nonetheless. Without this little bit of help, it is likely that the guitar will start collecting dust in the corner. Small roadblocks can lead to big tragedies. What a shame it would be if you stopped learning guitar because of a broken string. But it happens all the time. We all find reasons why we can’t progress and sometimes we just need a little help clearing the roadblocks.

We want to provide help in the form of a nanoSherpa…small bits of information that are useful, interesting, illuminating, sometimes funny, but ultimately helpful.

Let’s face it, everyone occasionally needs a little help.

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