How to Quit Drinking Soda

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It’s no mystery that soda is unhealthy. Yet so many of us reach for a soda because we think it will be refreshing or maybe give us a ‘pick me up’. Unfortunately the downside is much worse than the upside.

I was in the habit of drinking a Coke every afternoon at work, mostly because I thought it was helping me through my afternoon slump. My habit became more and more regular until I read two interesting articles in the course of one week.

The first article was about what happens to our bodies in the minutes after we drink a soda. It’s worth the quick read. The short story is that it’s very bad for you. So I went and had a soda and mulled it over.

A few days later I read an article about the benefits of having a small piece of dark chocolate every day. Quality dark chocolate is loaded with happy goodness, and the little bit of caffein can give you an afternoon boost. The lightbulb went off.

So, here was how I quit drinking soda.
1. Start drinking more water throughout the day.
2. In the afternoon, when you start to feel the urge to have that ‘pick me up’ soda, have a small piece of dark chocolate instead.
3. Follow that up with another glass of water.

Your Mileage may vary, but for me this was enough to help me stop drinking soda cold turkey. Soda free for over a year, and thankfully I have not developed a bad chocolate habit.


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