How to Make Banana Art

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Banana Art may seem like an odd past time, but it has been a long standing Christmas tradition in our household. These artistic bananas make their annual appearance at the top of the stockings that are hung by the chimney with care. They are a great hit every year. You never know what kind of crazy face will grace this tropical fruit. The ‘Big Guy’ keeps us guessing every year.

Fortunately for you I’ve been able to reverse engineer this elvish art and present you with these simple instructions for how to make some fantastic banana art.

1. Get a ball point pen.
2. Gently draw your design onto the banana.
3. Wait 20 minutes and you will find that where you drew your picture, the banana has bruised. The bruising gives the lines a natural brown look.
4. Surprise someone you love with this fun snack.

Lastly, the banana is still edible. The drawing only affects the peel. So, be sure to enjoy the banana before your artwork rots away.


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