How to Make Banana Art

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Banana Art may seem like an odd past time, but it has been a long standing Christmas tradition in our household. These artistic bananas make their annual appearance at the top of the stockings that are hung by the chimney … Continued

How to Quit Drinking Soda

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It’s no mystery that soda is unhealthy. Yet so many of us reach for a soda because we think it will be refreshing or maybe give us a ‘pick me up’. Unfortunately the downside is much worse than the upside. … Continued

How to Tune a Guitar to Itself

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If you ever expect to enjoy playing guitar, you first need to learn how to tune it. If you don’t have a tuner on hand you can still do a decent job of tuning the guitar to itself with at … Continued

Welcome to nanoSherpa

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Sherpas are the unsung heroes of the Himalayas. They provide invaluable help and guidance to mountain climbers, making it possible for them to reach the peak in front of them. So, what is a nanoSherpa? A nanoSherpa is a small … Continued